Detoxifier/Flat Tummy/Weight Loss (Max Pack)


Detoxifier Max


These products are excellent for expelling toxins and waste from the colon. It will help you jumpstart your weight loss journey, flatten your tummy and keep you invigorated and radiant.

For optimal result the product should be consumed within 7 days. This package contains:

  • 5 liters detoxification therapy water 5 lit
  • Gut health blendĀ 
  • 2 bowl vegetable salad
  • 3 tamarind juiceĀ 
  • 3 carrot Juice
  • 3 green smoothies
  • 3 Citrus blend
  • 2 beetroot Juice
  • 2 beetroot/carrot/apple/lemon
  • Tiger nut yoghurt 900g
  • Chia seeds


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