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We’re on a mission to help individuals and families embrace healthy lifestyle

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Our New Releases

Highly nutritious, healthy, filling, creamy and delicious. Great for diabetics, weight loss, meal replacement, nursing mothers, and recovery after exercise.

Pure zobo with zero artificial sweeteners! Not your regular zobo. highly delicious! Highly medicinal!

Highly nutritious, healthy, filling, creamy and delicious. Great for diabetics, weight loss, meal replacement, nursing mothers, and recovery after exercise.

Who We Are?

A team of health-conscious experts helping individuals and families eat healthy with ease.

ESOXTRA is a social enterprise where we create edible products with real plant-based nutritional value to address malnutrition; reverse chronic illnesses and enhance general well being and wellness.

We are on a mission to help individuals and  families embrace healthy lifestyle by eating and drinking 100% natural plant-based foods and  beverages tailored to meet your wellness needs.

Why Choose Esoxtra for Your Healthy Eating Journey in Lagos??

We understand the importance of eating healthy. That’s why Esoxtra stands out as your go-to destination for embracing a lifestyle centered around nutrient-rich plant-based foods. Our diverse range of natural, plant-based options caters to various tastes and dietary preferences, ensuring everyone can enjoy wholesome, nourishing meals.

100% Natural Foods

Fresh and Healthy

Fast Delivery

Nationwide Delivery

Quality Assured

Delicious, nutritious, and safe for consumption

Best Selling Products

Discover Our Selection of Healthy, Natural Plant-Based Foods and Beverages

Vitamin C load
Vitamin C Load
Heart Health Pack
Healing Pack
For Men
Energy Pack
Diabetic Pack

We have a comprehensive array of plant-based delicacies and beverages sourced from local, sustainable producers. From vibrant vegetable-rich dishes to refreshing fruit-infused beverages, Esoxtra offers an extensive menu curated to support your healthy lifestyle effortlessly in Lagos.

Smoothies & Juice(s)

The fruit juice(s) and smoothies we offer are fresh and made to the customer’s specification

Natural Seeds/Herbs

They act as nutritional supplements

Fruit Parfaits

Nutritious, delicious and serve as great fuel for your body and brain

Fermented Foods

Improves digestion and immunity against diseases.


Our salads helps your body feel energetic as it is loaded with vitamins and minerals

Our Special Packages

Explore our health based combo

Get special discount for bulk orders

Customers Favourites

Customers Reviews

This is the best spot you can get all sorts of natural juice and smoothies. The fermented foods are just the best thing your gut needs
Muibat Oiza
Esoxtra is the best, for healthy seeds and smoothies to add to your daily lifestyle you can count on them. I personally can't get enough of the banana tigernut, yummy yummy in my tummy.😊
Adebambo Kehinde

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