Ground Scent Leaves


Scent leaf will help you with your stomach aches, Scent leaf is an herb grown in Africa especially in the southern and eastern part of Nigeria.

It’s loaded with various health benefits including; maintenance of the eyes because of its rich source of Vitamin A which promotes good eyesight. Scent leaves contain calcium and magnesium, both of which help to reduce bad cholesterol and Improves heart function. It aids digestion relieves bloating and supports system detoxification. The fluid from scent leaf unlocks cough and phlegm and its beneficial in the treatment of Fever caused by malaria. It is effective in lowering blood sugar, balance cholesterol and prevent cancer. diarrhoea, and vomiting. It can help relieve bloating and also help you digest your meals on time. Among the amazing health benefits of scent leaf is its ability to lower blood sugar levels. It can repair damages in the body caused by smoking and nicotine.

It is rich in vitamin A, which helps to promote good eyesight. When an adequate amount of scent leaf is consumed, it helps to prevent xerophthalmia. The calcium and magnesium found in it reduce bad cholesterol and increases blood circulation thereby helping to improve the function of the heart.

Weight 130 g


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