Here is why Salad is a Living Food

So many times, people say they eat salad. But when I look at the plate, I simply shake my head in disbelief. Salad is meant to have 3 most important features.
1. Salads should be made with fresh vegetables with no or minimal cooked ingredients.
2. Salads should have varieties of vegetables. The colours which represents different kinds of nutrients must also be appealing. The more vegetables, the better.
3. Salads should be eaten with natural cream. You can make yours. It’s easy to make. When you add non plant milk and cream to your salad, you practically turn a super healthy nutritious meal to an unhealthy one.
Some ingredients for salad
– Cabbage (white, green and purple)
– Bell peppers (red, yellow and green)
– Tomatoes
-Green peas
– Green beans
– kale leaves
– celery leaves
– parsley leaves
– Broccoli
– Cauliflower
– Avocado etc.
Everyone deserves a large bowl of salad every single day. You deserve it because when you have it, you can be sure you just nourished your body with nutrients that provided
– Whole fiber
– Nutritional benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables.
– Ability to lose and maintain great body weight
– Ability to build stronger bones
– Ability to protect your heart and so much more
Will you get one today? I think you should.

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